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Come On Back, Devo, And Bring The Hairnet With You

When Eric Devendorf's suspension was first reduced and the parameters for his return were laid out, there were a cornucopia of varying reports out there as to when he'd return.  Some said he was out 8 games, some said 6, others just 2.  Journalism rocks!  The truth was, no one knew how many games Devo would miss.  It all depending on how quickly he did his community service and how quickly the university would reinstate him following.

Well he did, so they did.  Following his time at The Rescue Mission where he introduced a stifling zone defense on the kitchen sink, while sporting some nifty hair-ware, Eric Devendorf has been reinstated to Syracuse and has rejoined the basketball team.  Just in time for the first Big East game of the season, this Tuesday's home game against Seton Hall.

Don't hang up that hairnet just yet, Devo.  As part of the agreement, Eric's dishwashing days might not be behind him just yet:

Once Devendorf is readmitted as a student, he will be required to complete another 40 hours of community service, Devendorf's lawyer William Sullivan said. The appeals panel decision also includes some additional requirements for Devendorf to meet once he is reinstated as a student, but Sullivan declined to specify what they were.

"Don't touch another woman.  Ever.  In any way."  That would be my requirement for him.  But that's just me. 

Oh and is anyone else praying that we get to see Paul Harris doff the 'fro and play side-by-side with a hairnetted Devo?  The 'Fro and Flo Show, anyone?