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Tales From The Red Carpet: The Brett Poshen Incident

As I've mentioned in the past, in my former life I worked in publicity for a movie studio.  As such, I worked a lot of red carpets and a lot of movie premieres.  One such premiere  was the House of 1,000 Corpses DVD release party.  It was held at some club in LA with an action-verb name that has since changed 14 times.  As a low-level publicity flack my job, at least early on in the evening, was to make sure that the "media" on the red carpet were getting the appropriate face-time with the celebs that made their way down it.

Specifically, there was a local radio duo by the name of Nuzzy and The Guy who I was very friendly with.  We were chatting during some downtime when I looked down the carpet and saw Brian Posehn approaching.  How could I miss him

Now this was way before The Sarah Silverman Show or his stand-up specials or any of that.  The only thing you could really say you'd seen Posehn in up until this point was Mr. Show, of which I was a huge fan.  Sadly, not THAT huge a fan that I could remember his exact name.  So when the guys asked me who that gangly fellow was approaching, I said what I thought was the correct pronunciation of his name.  Turns out, I was wrong in just about every conceivable way possible.  Unfortunately for the interviewers, they only came to find that out when Brian told them himself.

Watch the trainwreck unfold...and yes that's me in the beginning speaking with conviction as I tell them "Brett" approaches.

There's many reasons I'm not in publicity anymore.  Let's call this Exhibit A.