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Devendorf Does Some Good




It's a shame that Halloween is so far off.  Community Service Eric Devendorf would have been a costume-party winner anywhere in the SU area right about now. 

Yep, that Eric over at the Rescue Mission in Syracuse where he's performing his mandated community service in order to work his way back on the SU basketball team:

"It's just a chance to come out here and help people less fortunate than myself,” Devendorf said.

This service is part of Devendorf's community service he needs to complete before he can return to the team. He is currently suspended from all university activities. He says he's been volunteering for the past few days at the Rescue Mission, helping out.  

Kudos for Devo and all the volunteers over at the shelter.  The Rescue Mission served "nearly 1,500 meals" on Christmas for those less fortunate or who are unable to leave their homes.  So some good comes out of this after all.

Oh, and the hairnet.  That's good too.

Feel free to stop by the Rescuse Mission website and make a donation if you feel so inclined.  You can watch video on the story and see Devo in action scrubbing some dishes here.