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Mike Williams' Goal For 2009...No Notes

Once again the old adage is proven...if it says so in a Facebook Status, it must be true.

Mike Williams, wide receiver extraordinaire, alleged pumpkin-eater, will be returning to Syracuse for the Spring Semester and, as you can probably ascertain, that means he will play football for the Orange in 2009.  This is, how you say....good news.

"When I come back out of that Carrier Dome tunnel, I might cry, man," Williams said. "That's going to be very emotional for me. That means I made it back and took advantage of that second chance."

Williams was suspended for a semester for violating the University's Academic Integrity Policy last fall. He was informed before the team's annual spring game.

"It was hard for me to take. I packed my bags and was going to give up and not do spring ball."

"I got claimed of cheating," Williams said. "I had my notes out before the exam. It was before the test happened...I'm not blaming nobody or nothing, it was my fault for having the notes out and I took responsibility."

You got "claimed of cheating?"  Slow down, Keats.  Let's get you back into class and then we can work on your sentence structure.  Until then, keep it simple.  Pronoun, verb, noun.  Baby steps...

Williams toyed with our hearts during the preseason last year when he was booted from the school, announced that he was returning, forgot to check and see if that was true, it wasn't and then he seemingly dropped off the planet.  Most of us assumed that was the last we'd see of young Williams.  Turns out that was almost the case:

"A lot of times I thought I'm done, my career is over, everything is over," Williams said.

Williams looked into the possibility of transferring to a FCS Division (formerly Division I-AA) school because he could be eligible to play immediately.

He thought about enrolling at Onondaga Community College, just six miles from SU, or back home in Buffalo, but Williams took a bus all the way to Springfield Technical Community College in Massachusetts.

"If I would've went to OCC the media would've been there. I didn't want to be in the spotlight and I wouldn't have been able to focus. I felt like I had to get away from all that to get back into Syracuse."

Damn you, Syracuse media.  Your spotlight shines too brightly.  The glitz and glamour that precede Bud Poliquin and Kevin Maher can be too much for mere mortals to handle.  It's understandable.

The big question right Mike Williams' streak still intact?  I mean, technically he wasn't eligible to play in 2008 so he didn't "miss" any of those games.  So in theory, his streak of nine consecutive games with a touchdown is still alive...right?  Considering he's probably walking back into a spread offense as the far-and-away best option on the field, that bodes well...

But like I said, Williams has toyed with our emotions before.  He's said he was coming back to SU when he wasn't.  He's seemingly applied to community colleges when he didn't.  So until he's actually sitting in a classroom with an overpriced textbook and a syllabus in his hand...I don't feel safe.  And already those pangs have started up again...squash my dreams, Donnie:

As of Tuesday, wide receiver Mike Williams had not registered for classes at Syracuse University for the spring semester, according to a school spokesperson. The university is closed until Jan. 5. While Williams is saying he plans to be back in school next month - and obviously, Orange fans and coaches are real hopeful - he said the same thing last summer about enrolling for the fall. Obviously, that didn't happen. The suspension Williams received from SU (after the spring semester) was to be served for the following semester (in the fall). There is a process for re-enstatement that Williams appears to be following. At the moment, he's not quite back.

Michael, there's a saying in the sales world.  Underpromise and overdeliver.  Set expectations at a place that you can easily attain and ultimately blow away.  You might want to jot that down on a piece of paper.

On second thought, don't.