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Wither Kristof!?

The Rise of Rick Jackson and the emergence of Kris Joseph in the rotation aren't things that just happen in a vacuum.  The minutes they play and the floor-time they have must've come from somewhere.  Someone else used to be getting those minutes and those stats.  That someone is The Not-As-Amazing Kristof! 

The Waffle's minutes and stat lines haven't just diminished, they've dropped off the cliff.  A 26-game starter between this and last season, Ongenaut hasn't just lost his spot, he's practically out of the rotation.  Against Memphis, he didn't even play enough to be credited with a minute of action.  Last night against Coppin State, he played four minutes, none of which were in the second half. 

Jimmy, what's going on?

"Kristof's got to adjust better to coming off the bench," said Boeheim of the guy who's averaging 3.9 rebounds and 1.9 points. "He's gone in and hasn't been ready to play twice now. You know, Ricky came off the bench. Kristof's coming off the bench now. He has to adjust to it."

Nothing Jim Boeheim hates more than some bad attitude when it comes to helping the team.  That said, Big East play hasn't begun yet and if there's anything Kristof! has on Rick Jackson and Kris Joseph it's experience in crunchtime.  KO's got a lot of time to work out any pride issues that might be holding him back, and he better work it out, cause we're going to need him.