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  • One college football program's trash is another's treasure.  SU might be hiring Michigan's recently-deposed Defensive Coordinator...Donnie Webb
  • SU RB Averin Collier and Rob Spence have a bit of history...The Orange Segment
  • Brian breaks down the Memphis win...Orange44
  • Kristof! is making a run at Eric Devendorf's homoerotic photo crown...SWRLU
  • Rob Long gets honorable mention on SI's All-American
  • The Memphis A.D. wants in to the Big East...Brian Bennett
  • West Virginia's kicker won't miss Mountaineer fans...Charleston Gazette

For the very few of you who didn't attend last night's women's basketball game, here's the halftime entertainment you missed:

The question isn't how many people were there...the question is was ANYONE there???