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Ugh, Not Another "C-State" Team

Another C-word team comes to the Carrier Dome tonight as the #17/#14 Orange finish off their pre-Big East slate against the Coppin State Eagles

The Eagles, who have played less games than Syracuse has wins, are 1-7 on the season.  They also have yet to play a home game this year, so...that's weird.  Ofensively, they're a nightmare averaging 60 PPG (304th nationally).  About the only thing they're good at is shooting free throws, which is ironic given their opponent this evening.  There's really only one Eagle to speak of and that's guard Tywain McKee.  He leads the team in scoring, rebounds, assists, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, three-point percentage and steals. In fact, I'm not entirely sure but he may actually be the only guy on the roster.

This is perfect timing for the Orange who are coming off an extremely emotional and draining win over Memphis.  With Devo still out and Flynn on the mend, it'll be a great opportunity for the Orange to rest their starters and get tons of of PT for the bench.  Assuming of course the Orange can actually get off to a good start and make this one a laugher well before halftime.  No small order given what the Orange have, or haven't done, so far this season.

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