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Harper College Will Not Be Attending Syracuse University's Hanukkah Dinner

Back on December 9th, it was announced that Harper College two-time JUCO All-American quarterback Garrett Barnas was transfering to SU.  It was delightful, if not curious, news.  Why would this guy want to commit to SU before the new coaching staff, and more importantly, new offensive scheme, was in place?  No matter, said Barnas, it was about the tradition and desire to play for the Orange.  Everything else would fall into place.

Well everything else did fall into place.  Doug Marrone was hired as head coach.  Rob Spence was brought on as offensive coordinator.  They both had a shared vision for Syracuse football and unfortunately for Barnas, that vision did not include him.

Harper (Ill.) College football coach Dragan Teonic said today that Syracuse University has rescinded the scholarship offer to his quarterback, Garrett Barnas. Teonic said Syracuse assistant coach Derrick Jackson called Barnas on Friday to tell him they would not be able to offer him a scholarship.

Teonic said Jackson told Barnas that the new coaching staff did not want to have six quarterbacks on scholarship and that Barnas did not fit into their offensive plans.

Oofa.  Can you imagine that call?  Jackson must've been sick to his stomach.  As you can also imagine, so is Barnas' coach and evil emperor from a magic faraway land, Dragan Teonic:

"They've been recruiting this kid hard for the last year," Teonic said. "They knew they had six quarterbacks a year ago. To use that as an excuse now is ridiculous. If that's the way they want to do business, fine. Why not have the head coach doing the calling? No one called the parents. I wish nothing but the worst of luck to Syracuse. I hope they continue to be the Detroit Lions of college football."

HEY!  That's not nice, Dragan!  First of all, I'll have you know you don't NEED to wish us bad luck...we've already got plenty.  And second, we are NOT the Detroit Lions of college football!  The Detroit Lions are the Syracuse Orange of the NFL.  Don't get it twisted.

So WTF?  It did seem very odd at the time that Barnas was still being so heavily recruited by a coaching staff that didn't even know if it would still be there.  The fact that Jackson did remain with the Orange would have seemingly secured Barnas' spot with the team, but...guess not.

What I'm curious to know if why Barnas doesn't fit what SU is trying to do.  By all accounts he's an all-purpose QB who can throw AND run.  Certainly a no-huddle spread QB will need to know how to improvise and think quick...not exactly the first things that come to mind when I think of Cam Dantley or Andrew Robinson. 

We'll have to keep an eye on Barnas and see where he eventually ends up.  Something tells me we better hope it's not with a team Syracuse plays in the next two years.  Cummupance, they name is Orange.