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The Greatest Show On Dome Turf?

God bless teenage recruits.  They just don't know any better than to blab about the semi-secret things that coaches tell them but won't tell us, the general public.  What would we do without them?

Take Sir Alec Lemon, for instance. Alec is the orally committed (heeheehee) WR out of Baltimore (where all SU recruits come from).  He's remained committed to the Orange despite the coaching change and is excited about the new opportunities that will exist in the Doug Marrone Era when it comes to offensive schemes:

“I feel like with a new coaching staff coming in, we can start the program up again, start all over,” Lemon said. “From what I heard, we’re supposed to run a spread no-huddle and that’s good for me.”

Cam Dantley's arm.  Mike Williams on one side, Donte Davis on the other and Marcus Sales in the slot.  Antwon Bailey in the flat. 

I'm in.

It's no surprise to hear this, Marrone and Spence have both intimated this is the direction of SU football.  And I have to say...what the hell took so long?

H/T: Dave Rahme