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Orange Tame Dickish Tigers

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Seriously, they were kind of dickish, weren't they?  Lots of taunting, ball-slapping after the whistles blow and general dickery.  Unfortunately, when you're a young team, you don't understand how that can elevate an opponent like Jonny Flynn instead of deflate them.  But that's what Memphis found out when the Orange beat them on Saturday 72-65 for a ha-yuge December road victory.

It's late in the recap process and better people than I have already broken this game down, but before I show you how to read their goodness, a few thoughts:

If you locked Jonny Flynn, Chuck Norris, Michael Madsen and God in a room, threw a knife in the middle of them and locked the hour later Jonny Flynn would emerge covered in blood and wearing a necklace fashioned from all of their ears.

Imagine how good this team could be if it started hitting free throws?  This game wouldn't even have been a contest.

Top Five Things My Wife Said During The Syracuse Memphis Game:

1. "The Memphis players are jerky."

2. "None of the Memphis players are attractive."

3. Her constant reference to the fact that Syracuse might want to play more "man-on-man" defense.

4. "We're never going to Memphis."

5. And finally, this conversation:

Her: "Oh, he's cute."

Me: Who?  Kris Joseph?

Her: Yeah.

Me:  He's nineteen!

Her: wouldn't be illegal...

On to the recaps...

  • This win gives the Orange some much-needed confidence...Donna Ditota
  • Memphis proves that if you take enough 3-pointers, EVENTUALLY they'll start falling...Donna Ditota
  • Hip injury?  What hip injury?...Mike Waters
  • It's the most wonderful time of the year for the Orange...Brent Axe
  • Flynn and Rautins helped ice the win with key rebounds...Ditota/Waters
  • A visual representation of what it felt like to be an SU fan after the win...Cuse Country
  • This is the 3rd win over a ranked team so far for the Orange...CuseOrange

(AP Photo/Lance Murphey)