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Come For The Expert Big East Opinions. Stay For The Pie.

I know what you're thinking...

"There's so many "expert" opinions out there about the state of the Big East but none that I can trust.  Why God, However I Describe He or She, have you given me the tools necessary to be a fan of a Big East team but not allowed me to sharpen them with the knowledge that can only be attained by chatting online with people who write dick jokes all day?"

My poor, naive, incontinent friend...your prayers have been answered.

This Wednesday at 9:00pm EST, join myself and three other big East bloggers as we assemble like Voltron to take on the proverbial King Zarkon-esque questions that folks such as yourself launch our way. 

No topic is off-limits.  Well, I mean, as long as it pertains to the Big East.  So I guess actually a LOT of topics are off-limits.  So...

Anyway, who is this phalanx of Northeastern sports knowledge?  Behold!

Me.  You already knew that.

Brian, Orange44.  He's a lawyer, so, be cool.

John, Mountainlair. He's a song and dance man so brush up on your Les Miz references.

Chas, PittBlather. Four years in and still not tired of all the Wannstache jokes.

All you need to do is be at Orange44 tomorrow night at 9pm EST.  I don't care how.  Go to Kinko's if you have to.  Just be there.

Random note...did you know the Japanese name for Voltron translates into Beast King GoLion?  That's WAAAAAY better.