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The Kinder Side Of SU Athletics

Sure, it's an repentant propaganda machine but is the place to go on the Internet if you like your SU-related news a little...nicer. 

Take for example the story on last night's 86-51 demolition job on Colgate.  Excuse me, I meant to say 86-51 "Result."  That's how they put it.  Much classier.  We're not here to embarrass, we're here to love one another.  Respect, honor and love...I'm pretty sure that's the site motto.  Or a Temptations song.

Even the opening line oozes class.  And a distinct lack of editing:

Syracuse (7-0) continued its six-game homestand Monday night with a 86-51 victory against Colgate, the program's most familiar foe Colgate (2-3).

If we say Colgate enough, then Colgate won't feel as though Colgate lost.  Rather, Colgate might feel as though Colgate were an important Colgate for us to think of when we think of Colgate.  Colgate.

But the classiness isn't done.  Oh no...

SU held the guests to 13 points in the first 20 minutes, its best first-half defensive showing since limiting Princeton to 11 in a 1999 contest.

The guests?!?  The nicities must always be observed, people.  And SUAthletics is here to remind you that, even when decimating them by 30+ points, they're not our opponents, they're people.  Like you and me.  And they're in our home.  So get fetch them some water.  But make sure you ask if they want sparkling or tap.  And pray that they want tap because we don't actually have sparkling.