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Does This Mean Boeheim Is Bringing Back The Plaid Suits Too?

"It took me back to Roosevelt Bouie days."

That's Jim Boeheim commenting on Paul Harris' hair from last night's game against Colgate.  Harris didn't let his hair down, he let it up.  And unleashed a bushy monster that can no longer be contained.  It's no coincidence that Harris led the Orange in scoring for the first time all season.

The ripple effects of the 'fro could be felt all throughout the Dome:

"I said if he wears his hair out I'd shave my head," SU guard Jonny Flynn said, "but I was really just saying that just so he could wear his hair out because I'm definitely never ever going to shave my head."

"He may have to keep that hairdo," Boeheim said. "I was glad he tied it up a little bit. It was scaring me in the locker room."

We're talking about a man who gets excited by turndown service in hotel rooms.  An afro in the 21st Century is way too much for Jimmy to handle.  Might want to ease into it next time, Paul.

Um, there IS going to be a next time...right?

Harris hinted that the 'fro might live to see another day and Boeheim seemed to give his blessing after Harris' 22-point effort in the Orange's 86-51 victory.

How did he give his blessing?  Did Harris have to kneel in front of Boeheim?  Was a lock of Roosevelt Bouie's 'fro given to him to be kept in a locket around his neck?  Did Harris have to sign something promising to never wear the 'fro outside of the Dome?  I demand answers!

More than that, I just demand more 'fro.