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Syracuse To Play Memphis Tomorrow...If They Can Make It

Good thing tomorrow's game against #23 Memphis isn't a nooner.  Otherwise the team might be going directly from the airport to the arena.  There's some massive delays going on at Hancock Airport right now and even a few cancellations due to bad weather.

Assuming they do actually make it to Memphis, they'll play John Calipari's Tigers at 6pm EST and the game will be televised on ESPN.  We don't want to disappoint ESPN or their viewers...the only other thing they can televise is bowling.  Don't make them suffer.

(By the way, what ever happened to Lumberjack Sports on ESPN?  Am I alone in having thoroughly enjoyed watching Mel Lentz cut through a log three times with a chainsaw in seven seconds?  Is this still on?)

If they do make it, the Orange will face a Tigers team that has lost two of it's last four (58-63 to Xavier and 70-79 to Georgetown in OT).  They also had a tough time with Arkansas State on Wednesday night.  So perhaps we're looking in the mirror when we see each other tomorrow night. 

What's working for them is rebouding.  The Tigers are tall, no day-to-day players are under 6'5", and they average a very robust 47 rebounds per game.  It may just be good timing that Paul Harris will spend more time out of the key and Kristof! and Rick Jackson will see more time down below.

What's not working for them is defense.  Memphis is giving up 64.9 PPG, good for 125th in the nation.  The loss of Devo is going to be most-felt here as the opportunity to open things up with some well-timed three's could really help.  Then again, given that we need well-timed threes and not "what the hell" threes, maybe it is for the best. 

Tyreke Evans will be the Tiger the Orange most want to keep an eye on.  He's averaging 16.1 PPG.  He's horrid from beyond the arc (6-28) so the Orange will do good to keep him outside and let him try to beat them with the longball.  Shawn Taggart is the beast down below, averaging 13 PPG and just over 9 RPG.

If the Orange are indeed without Jonny Flynn, well, I think most Orange fans will just hope for the best but expect the worst.  My guess is that Flynn will start.  What happens from there, we'll just have to see. has the full preview, including a little background on the series between both schools, currently locked at 1-1.

Get a statistical comparison over here if you're into that sort of thing.

Need something to perk you up after all the lame SU Hoops news recently?  I've got two things for you.  First up, a video montage of SU photos and video from someone who just discovered the "fireworks" transition on his videomaker:

And finally I'll leave you with the thoughts of WAER's Danny Parkins on the Eric Devendorf situation:

...Everyone is a winner - with Devendorf hitting the Mega-Million. Spending time in a soup kitchen or a battered-women's shelter is a noble way to spend the holiday break. And it's a small price to pay in order to play.

Judicial Affairs saves face by not eliminating the suspension entirely.

Jim Boeheim gets the benefit of the team knowing their coach will stand behind them in times of crisis.

And the fans get its star player back in time for Georgetown.

Don't forgot young Kimberly Smith who pretty much got what she wanted as well, right?  Devo was punished in a reasonable manner (Remember, after-the-fact it came out that he did not in fact punch her and she was not in fact injured) and she can go on with her business now.  While at the end of the day Eric Devendorf is still a dooshbag for doing whatever it is he did to her regardless of what she was saying or doing, at least now he's a dooshbag being punished properly.