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Who Needs Guards Anyway?

We already know we're going to be without one of our starting guards for tomorrow's match-up with #23 Memphis.  Turns out, we might just be without both of them!

Syracuse University guard Jonny Flynn did not practice on Friday prior to the basketball team's departure for Memphis where the Orange will play the No. 23 Tigers on Saturday.

Flynn injured his right hip in Syracuse's win over Canisius on Wednesday.

Instead of practicing, Flynn received treatment on his hip. Flynn, a sophomore point guard, is Syracuse's leading scorer.

That last sentence just made me cringe.  Thanks for driving that home, Mike.  Way to kick a fanbase when it's down... Geez.

All that practice Rautins was doing in the off-season to play may be about to pay off.  Considering the way he's shooting these days, might not be bad timing...

So what does that leave us with?  Rautins and Mookie?  Do you move Paul Harris up and play Arinze, Rick Jackson and Kristof! down low?  Pin your hopes and dreams on Jake Presutti?  Do you tell Scoop Jardine to change out of whatever J.C. Penny's outfit he showed up in and put on a uniform, knee be damned?

Somebody needs to Mr. Miyagi-up Jonny's knee ASAP.  We kinda don't have a lot of options here all of a sudden.  Depth schmepth.