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So Much For A Drawn-Out Appeal Process

Devo is done, folks.

"Under a decision today by the University Appeals Board, Eric Devendorf has been immediately suspended from Syracuse University and is prohibited from all University activities, including participation on the men's basketball team.

"The Appeals Board decision modified the sanctions set by the University Judicial Board and imposed a community service requirement that Mr. Devendorf must meet should he desire to return to the University for the Spring 2009 semester. If he fulfills this requirement and returns, Mr. Devendorf must also meet an additional set of requirements to remain a student."

Said Coach Jim Boeheim: "Eric clearly made a mistake and should be punished. He will fulfill the requirements of this decision."

Eric Devendorf said: "I'm disappointed that I put myself in this position which resulted in being suspended as a student and unable to participate in a number of games, including tomorrow's game. I understand the decision and will be complying with all of the requirements of it."

Is John Calipari on the SU Judicial Board?  Is there a reason they couldn't wait until Monday to do this???  Ugh.

Update: Clearly I read this too fast.  Devo has the chance to return in a few weeks if he plays his cards right.  So the Spring 09 semester begins on Jan 12th (Thanks Jameson).  No word on the specifics on what Devo has to do to ensure that's back in time for that.  More likely, assuming he does whatever has been asked of him, he's back in uniform mid-January.  And I think all SU fans will take that at this point.

Update 2: Looks like this is ultimately going to turn into a slap on the wrist.  "Once he completes 40 hours of community service, he can apply for reinstatment. He could conceivably return to the team immediately, well before classes resume on Jan. 12."