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Spence For Hire

Looks like the rumors were right, is saying that Rob Spence has been hired as the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.  Spence meets the criteria that seems to be necessary to be a member of Doug Marrone's Staff:

1. He's a longtime associate of Doug's (they met in 1992)

2. He was born in or has worked extensively in New York. (Born in Pelham, worked for various NY high schools and Hofstra)

Spence has family in the area (Solvay) and actually has a bit of tangential history with the Syracuse program:

 "When I was finishing my college career I remember going into my stepdad’s office in our house in Solvay and there were a bunch of boxes of Syracuse memorabilia from his brother, Thomas Spillett, who played here from 1958 through 1961," Spence said. "In these boxes were his old Syracuse Varsity jacket, playbooks and scouting reports from that era, and an Orange Bowl watch. When I sat there looking at these books I was going back in history with my family.

"To me Syracuse was a mecca of college football. It was synonymous with any place in the country that you wanted to talk about greatness in college football. I never envisioned at that point that I would be here today, representing this great University with such a great tradition in football. It is a really exciting moment in my life."
Cool, now win stuff.

Every coach gets to have a fun fact in their bio and the one that keeps popping up in Spence's is his affinity for running:
An avid runner who ran in the Boston Mara­thon in April of 2004.
What the hell happened in 2005 - 2008?  Dedication, man.  C'mon.