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Tell Me More About This...What Do You Call It...Rob Spence?

Ask folks down in Clemson to tell you about former offensive coordinator Rob Spence and they might not be able jam enough expletives into one sentance.  When Tommy Bowden was fired in the middle of the season and Dabo Sweeney took over, one of his first orders of business was firing Spence.  This was the solution to all of life's problems for Tiger fans.  Clemson went 4-2 the rest of the way salvaged the rest of their season, even if they didn't exactly reverse direction completely.  The move seems to have been the right one.

The Orlando Sentinel's Alan Schmadtke (really?) disagrees:

Swinney and Clemson’s fans can have their opinion. Mark my words: Someone is going to get a good offensive coordinator, a good play-caller.

Before Spence came to Clemson in 2004, he was something of a mid-major guru. He developed Bruce Gradkowski at Toledo, and the Rockets’ offense was as balanced and diverse as any in America. One year he had one of the country’s top rushers. The next, he had one of the country’s top passers. (All four of his offenses at Toledo were ranked in the top 13 in total offense and in the top 25 in scoring offense.) Best of all, the Rockets won games.

What does this have to do with anything?  Well it looks like Spence might just be the next Offensive Coordinator of Syracuse football.

Rob Spence is in negotiations to become the offensive coordinator at Syracuse under new coach Doug Marrone, has learned.

An announcement is expected in the next few days.

So if this is the case, what can Syracuse fans expect to see from a Rob Spence offense?

Spence, 50, is noted for running a varied, multiple attack. In his first three seasons at Clemson, the program finished in the top four in the ACC in rushing, passing and total offense each season. No other ACC program pulled off that feat.

Varied, multiple attack!  YES!  That sounds so much better than a varied, non-existant attack which is what the Orange have been employing the last couple seasons.

Spence is also a New Yorker (born in Pelham) and he played college ball at Iona as a tight end.  He worked in various New York Area high schools before moving on to the college ranks to coach at Hofstra, Maryland, Louisiana Tech, Toledo and finally Clemson.  Check out his full profile here and await further instructions.