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The 2nd Round of the Greatest Gregism Tournament Begins!

Thanks for choosing your Sweet 16 sweet-nothings that have emerged from the mouth of deposed head coach Greg Robinson. Now it's time to whittle things down to the Elite 8. This is where it gets dicey. Let's begin with the #8/#9 matchup:

#8 Seed - July 17th, 2008

"Time, we're working for it to be on our side."

Garnered 65% of the vote in it's 1st Round match-up. It's the great conundrum of the Greg Robinson Era. If he only could have controled time, he could have succeded. Alas.


#9 Seed -October 19th, 2008

"As I look at the film, I can see we could've done things better."

A big winner with 70% of the vote in the 1st Round. Greg loved his film. Not sure was rarely any good.

And so who moves on to the Elite 8? Make your choice by end-of-day.