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  • If SU wants to win the recruiting war in New York, these are the guys they need to get...Donnie Webb
  • Curtis Brinkley #5 on list of Top Big East RBs in 2008...Brian Bennett
  • A dream for Syracuse stadiums for basketball and football...The Orange Squeeze
  • Eric Devendorf receives the Chris Rix Lifetime Achievement
  • A quality football/lacrosse player is transfering from Notre Dame.  Next stop Syracuse?...Dave Rahme
  • Donovan McNabb chimes in on the Doug Marrone hiring...Yardbarker (H/T: Kirk)
  • I applaud the out-of-the-box thinking but "The Big East should being in Buffalo" based on one five-loss season is crazytalk...Bleacher Report
  • Roosevelt Bouie named coach of some basketball team that won't exist a year from now...SUAthletics

The dulcet tones of Jim Boeheim:

Coach Boeheim on Orange Win Against Canisius