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Sorry In Advance, Griffs

Dear Golden Griffins,

I just wanted to say, in advance, I'm sorry.  All the Syracuse fans are sorry.  We're just sick over it.  But...SOMEBODY'S got to play us after the Cleveland State loss.  I'm just sorry it had to be you.

You're having a tough enough year as it is.  3-6 and 0-2 already in your conference...that's no fun.  Losing by 28 to Albany?  Yikesaroo.  The good news is that you're already half-way to last season's win total, so that's something.  Chin up, Griffs.

But's not gonna be pretty tonight when you come to the Dome to play the Orange.  It's just not.  And I wish there was something I could do about it but it's out of my hands.  I'm sure you've heard, SU basketball has had a bit of a week.  There's this Devo nonsense.  Then Coach Boeheim started catching flak for the way he's handling it.  Then his microphone turned on him.  Then we lost to some team from the state of Cleveland.

There was a sign in my elementary school gym that said "seven days without exercise makes one weak."  I think I finally understand what that novelty placard was trying to tell me.  Although in this case, seven days with tons of negative press couple with your first loss of the season on a depseration buzzer-beater to a team from the Horizon League makes one very very angry and looking for a lesser opponent to take your frustrations out on.

I'm sorry to say that lesser opponent is you.  It's unfortunate, but as a wise man once said...what is, is.

What's that you say?  You have Chris Gadley and he makes Arinze Onuaku look like Andy Rautins?  That's intriguing but remember we have Arinze AND Kristof! flying around.  He might be able to knock up down a couple times but can he contain The Flying Waffle?  Oh and need I remind you that Onuaku is 22-for-26 from the field in his last four games?

Your guard, Frank Turner, leads the team with 13.3 points per game?  That's nice.  Have you met Jonny Flynn?  He leads the nation is kickassery and is tied for first in "most times spotted at the scene of a misconduct incident" with Rick Jackson.  Beat that!

Really, we appreciate you coming by tonight.  It will be fun.  For one of us.  And I think you know which one that will be...


Syracuse Fans Orange Empire

P.S. - I meant that WE will be the ones having fun and you won't be.  If that wasn't clear...