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Free Devo! is up. And there's merchandise to boot.


One word of advise...if you're going to wear a humourous T-shirt pledging your support to an alledged woman-smacker, leave said T-shirt at home for your 10am Women's Studies 233 class, kay?

"He didn't smack a ho...let him go."  Charming.

Although I will say...Don't Let The Nerds Win...just seems like a slogan we should follow in all aspects of our lives... 

In actual Eric Devendorf news today, Devo is filing his appeal of the university suspension.  Why would Devo wait until the very last day to file the appeal?  Because by doing so, he ensures that he can play at least through the beginning of 2009:

The appeals board has 10 university business days to make a decision once it receives a written appeal. Because of the university's winter break schedule, 10 business days stretches to Jan. 12, the first day of the spring semester.

Devendorf can continue to participate on the basketball team while the appeal is pending.

As for what the appeal is asking for...just a little leniency.  Especially since, you know, the defendant didn't actually prove anything:

Sullivan said Devendorf's appeal will ask the appeals board to impose a lesser sanction or a combination of sanctions, such as:

• extending his current disciplinary probation;

• imposing another type of probation, such as residential or social probation, which would restrict where, and even if, Devendorf lives on campus and limits university activities in which he could participate;

• suspending Devendorf for a number of basketball games;

• requiring participation in an anger management program;

• requiring community service.

I'd guess as to what is going to happen but that assumes that I understand how the SU Judicial Board works.  And based on what I've seen so far...I have absolutey no idea how they come to their best-guess decisions.  I'm assuming a dart board is involved...