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The More Things Change...

We heard yesterday that Dougie was adding to his staff with the hiring of John Anselmo as secondary coach, not to mention for his NYC-area recruiting acumen.  While Anselmo is a new addition, he'll be greeted by some familiar faces on the defensive side of the ball.  According to, Marrone will be retaining the services of LB coach Dan Conley and Co-Defensive Coordinator Derrick Jackson.  No word on their new roles, specifically Jackson who shared defensive duties with Greggers this season.  Word on the strret is that Jackson will go back to being the D-line coach, but no confirmation.

Going back to Anselmo for a second, there may also be an ulterior motive for the hire.  The D.O. Sports Blog points out that Anselmo has a certain behemoth on his current roster who happens to be looking for a college to play D1-A football at.  He's Andrew Tiller, he's an offensive lineman, he's 6'6", he's 350 pounds and he's undecided.  Game on.