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Community College Is Like A Disco With Books

According to Chris Rock, at least.

It's also where you find your coaching staff if you're Doug Marrone.

Nassau Community College football coach John Anselmo could join the coaching staff at Syracuse, Newsday has learned. An official announcement could be made Tuesday.

Anselmo, 59, has longtime ties to Doug Marrone, who recently was announced as Syracuse's new head coach. The two worked together under George O'Leary at Georgia Tech in the 1990s.

Anselmo, who coached at Nassau from 1987-94 and 1999 to this past season, has a career record of 151-38. He was said to be traveling to Syracuse to sign his contract.

151-38?  Jesus.  We know who runs shit in the Long Island community college world...

I know nothing of this guy other than he's worked with Marrone before and he's really good at putting together football teams comprised of future mechanics, but he's clearly someone who's got his head in New York-area college football and that works for me.

According to The Dangerfield Division (dedicated to Big East sports), Patriots WR Coach Bill O'Brein could also be in the mix for a spot on the staff:

O'Brien served under then coach George O'Leary at Georgia Tech (along with Marrone) from 1995-2002 as an offensive assistant, and as offensive coordinator in his final two years with the Yellow Jackets. He then moved on to short stints at the University of Maryland (running backs coach) and Duke (offensive coordinator / qb's).

Patriots pedigree, Marrone knows and trusts him and he's got college coaching experience.  I'm in.