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My God...That's...That's Mike Williams' Music!



Great work by Get Gross Out, finding this on Mike Williams Facebook page.  Williams, He Who Would Be King at Syracuse before getting thrown out for allegedly cheating, has been bouncing around community colleges for the last couple months, seemingly disappearing once the football season started.

Just in case you needed a reminder of what SU football was missing this season without Williams:

  • Tied the record for catches in a season last year (60)
  • 837 receiving yards the most ever for an Orange sophomore receiver
  • One of nine players to start every game for the Orange in 2007
  • At least one reception in 20 straight games
  • Nine consecutive games with a touchdown catch(wonder if that streak is considered still intact?)
  • Currently ranked third on SU’s single-season touchdown list (10) and sixth on the career list (14)

Not to say that Mike Williams was the missing link to an 8-4 season this year, but, he certainly couldn't have hurt.  Williams has at least one season of eligibility left, I'm assumung yoiu can't petition for an extra year due to unforeseen issues due to cheating. 

Hit those books, Michael.  And leave the cheatsheets at home from now on...

Oh and Mike, you registerED.  Or ARE registerING.  Just sayin...