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Please Only Use Your Own Credit Card For These Purchases...

User VotePrime (pictured with actual hair) is killing it today, as he is almost every day, with some nice finds just in time for holiday shopping:

First-up, when you want to shout from the rooftops "Look out world!  I'm here to underperform and steal your credit cards!", it's an official game-worn Josh Wright game jersey!  And for only $299!!!


No, SUAthletics, you can't sell merchandise related to players that have been kicked off your team and are currently facing jail time on the website. Not unless the proceeds go towards his defense fund.  Even then...

Then there's Derrick Coleman.  (How many paragraphs about disappointment have started out like that?)  I could swore we were just hearing about Derrick Coleman's success in giving back to the community.  Turns out, that doesn't pay well.  And so...Sherwood Studios is the official liquidator of Derrick Coleman's estate and the deals couldn't be bigger.  Everything from bedroom sets, dining room sets and other custom pieces are up to 75% off (75% off what? What's the starting price for a used bathroom towels?) .  If you're getting out your check book, wait.  The sale was over the weekend and you missed it.  Sucker.

Speaking of fun Syracuse-related gifts for the holidays...that framed Greg Robinson photo is still available.  Only $169, people.  You know you want-to.