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Marrone On Film

Some Doug Marrone video goodness to watch while thinking about how Auburn single-handedly set back race-relations in college football 20 years by hiring 5-19 Gene Chizik over miracle-worker Turner Gill...


The Daily Orange has some video on Saints' coach Sean Payton and his thoughts on Dour Marrone.  He will be missed.  Awww.... 


The only thing really disconcerting about Marrone leaving the Saints is just in the way Saints fans really didn't even seem to notice or care. Here's some thoughts from the Saints' blog Canal Street Chronicles:

I am happy for you guys. I hope Marrone was the guy you really wanted. The feeling I get among Saints fans is indifference. They don't feel the loss will affect their team too much. A lot of that is due in large part because head coach Sean Payton also comes from the offensive school, calls all the plays and has a heavy influence on that side of the ball. Marrone did a good job with the offensive line here in New Orleans and they are among the best in the league while protecting Drew Brees. All in all though, I don't think we ever really got to know Marrone very well.


Bud Poliquin chimes in with his thoughts on the beginning of the Doug Marrone Era.  Watch for Bud's brief Greg Robinson impression at the 1:20 mark.

Bud's Take on Marrone


You're not officially hired at Syracuse until Jim Boeheim weighs in on the issue. 

Boeheim talks about Marrone


Finally, the all-important SU football equipment manager opinion on Doug Marrone.  His tenure, and the lemon-y freshness of his socks, just might hinge on it:

Reactions to Doug Marrone as SU Head Coach, Part 1


Finally, the players weigh in.  Hey, at least no one said they wanted Greggers back...

Reactions to Doug Marrone as SU Head Coach, Part 3