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Doug Marrone Gets His First Lesson In Grossonomics


That's DOCTOR Daryl Gross, finding new and exciting ways to overshadow his more-important coaches by making it all about him.  What would be the point of hiring a new coach if Gross couldn't put a personal quote from himself front and center along with his name in fancy script wirting like he's King Louis XIV? That's exactly what our football program needs...more cursive writing.

Seriously, 99% of college football programs DON'T do ego-caressing nonsense like this, right?  I'm not crazy, am I?

And then there's the first line of's story announcing Marrone has the new head coach:

Syracuse University graduate Doug Marrone, a former pro performer and successful coach in the Division I collegiate ranks and the National Football League, is returning to his alma mater as the program’s 28th head coach.

Former pro performer? What the hell is a pro performer?  He played football are allowed to say that.  You don't need to jazz it up.

Kudos where Kudos are due, DOCTOR Gross isn't anywhere in the story.  I'm sure that will be remedied soon enough.