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When The NFL Network Is Reporting It, Be Wary


Multiple sources popped up over the last couple hours claiming that Doug Marrone has been offered the SU job and will accept.  Seemed as though Plan B, or Plan K depending on which coaching candidate was your Plan A, was in effect.

As that creepy, leather-skinned guy on college Gameday would say..."Not So Fast!"  Donnie Webb is on the scene to crush your hopes and/or raise them anew, depending on how you felt about the news.

"I have not offered the job," Gross said. "That's the truth."

Marrone, a former Syracuse University football player, is considered a finalist for the position after East Carolina's Skip Holtz removed himself from consideration on Thursday. The other primary finalist is University of Buffalo head coach Turner Gill.

So what does this all mean?  The NFL Network, ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago and a few other outlets reported the news tonight. The Saints are in Chicago, hence the geographical significance.  My guess is that Gross reached out to Marrone and implied that he's GOING TO make him an offer and word leaked out, hence Gross' carefully-worded quote that he hasn't ACTUALLY offered the job yet.

That or they just wanted to wait until after tonight's game to avoid distractions.  Oops.

Regardless, it would seem that Marrone is indeed Candidate Numero Uno now.  There's no way SU can compete with Auburn for Gill's services and other than that, no one else seems to measure up.  I'll reserve judgement on Marrone until he's actually introduced as the next coach or not.  In the meantime...


1. Doug Marrone (OC, New Orleans Saints) For a few fleeting hours, we all thought he was the coach.  Now...he's not.  But that'll probably change in the next 24 hours.  (3)

2. Turner Gill (HC - Buffalo) -  My guess is that Gross is doing one last big push for Gill and, assuming it doesn't work, Marrone is ready to go.  (4)

3. Al Golden (HC, Temple) - Haven't heard him being mentioned in the last two days.  That's an eternity in "sexiness" measurement. (3)

4. Tim Murphy (HC, Harvard) - Wicked smaht. (5)

Let's face it, no one else really matters anymore...