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Jim Boeheim Will Not Be Attending The SU Judicial Board Christmas Party This Year

Syracuse starting guard Eric Devendorf was suspended for the rest of the season yesterday and somehow, you just knew that was going to stuck in Jim Boeheim's craw.

"When it's all said and done, even what they have said he did, he caused no harm, no injury. They've said that. There's no criminal conduct, according to their findings.

"You have three levels of code, which is basically verbal harrassment and disorderly conduct. That does not warrant you being suspended from school in any way, shape or form.''

Boeheim also took exception to the board's written decision in which the board said the testimony of the other Syracuse players in the hearing appeared "scripted and biased.''

"They intimated in their questioning (at the hearing) that I scripted my players,'' said Boeheim, who denied rehearsing testimony with the players. "They did go over (with Devendorf's lawyer) what their testimony was. He had them tell him just like any lawyer would. To say it was scripted, what does that mean?''

At least Boeheim isn't saying Devo should walk away scot free.  But, inasmuch as the evidence points to something bad happening...he's right.  There's really no proof that the claim of being hit in the face is true.  As far as we know, he just yelled at her. 

So many shades of grey...I just don't understand how the SU Judicial Board comes to any kind of conclusion that isn't a guess.

The D.O. Sports Blog has a quote from Jimmy that sums it up:

“If he had punched a girl, the punishment would be reasonable, but he didn’t,"

I hope he's right, even if the suspension is upheld.  There's worse things you can do that punch a girl in the face...but not many.

Brent Axe shares his thoughts on the situation and Mike Waters breaks down exactly what the Orange will be missing when Devo eventually loses his appeal.

H/T: Matt Gelb