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Forget "First Pick In The Draft," We'll Be Lucky To Get Mr. Irrelevant

"Let’s calm down and [if needed] we’ll get the first pick of the draft [of coaching candidates] next year"

That was DOCTOR Gross back in September in his unsolicited call to ESPN to set the record straight about he was in control of the SU football program and it's future.  Well, if Randy Edsall was the first pick in the draft AND if you believe reports out of North Carolina today that "second-round pick" Skip Holtz is turning down the Syracuse job AND if you believe that Auburn has the inside track on Turner Gill...well, we're gonna be left with some project guy out of Division 2 pretty soon...

Pirates Illustrated, which in no way has any invested interest in East Carolina University (coughcough) is the source reporting the Holtz has already turned down the job. 

Pirates Illustrated, a subsidiary of devoted to East Carolina, is reporting that Skip Holtz, currently the head coach at ECU, has turned down the Syracuse job. The entire story is available only to paid subscribers, but here is the link. WNCN, an NBC affiliate in North Carolina, is reporting the same information.

This comes just a few days after the NFL Network reported Holtz would officially sign with the Orange as soon as Monday. Syracuse Director of Athletics Daryl Gross reportedly met with Holtz in Monday and/or Tuesday at the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner in New York.

Donnie Webb doesn't have a confirmation but he did mention that ECU plans to release a statement later today about Holtz' future.  That ECU is the one decimminating the news and not Syracuse should tell you everything you need to know.

I don't know what to say other than....shit just got real.

On to the Sexy-O-Meter...


1. Turner Gill (HC - Buffalo) -  By the fact that Holtz might be out, Gill returns to the sexiest spot.  His attorney says he hasn't been offered any jobs but the Buffalo AD is on record saying Syracuse and Auburn seem to be in competition for him. (2)

2. Skip Holtz (HC - East Carolina) -Until it's official, he's still a better choice than anyone below. (1)

3. Al Golden (HC, Temple) - Feels like he's the "break glass in case of emergency candidate." (3)

4. Doug Marrone (OC, New Orleans Saints) (4)

5. Tim Murphy (HC, Harvard) - If Tom Dienhart says it, it must be true. (5)

6. Kevin Rogers (QB Coach, Minnesota Vikings) (6)

7. Steve Addazio (Asst., Florida)  (7)

8. Paul Alexander (Asst. HC, Cincinnati Bengals) (8)

9. Randy Edsall (HC, UConn) (9)

10. Tommy Tuberville (Unemployed) (10)