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Antwon Bailey Is A Facebook Status Poet And He Don't Even Know It

Me thinks a little levity is just what we need at a time like this. 

I'm Facebook friends with SU running back Antwon Bailey, obviously, and while many of the SU football players don't update their pages expect to add pictures of themselves to their photo albums, 'Twon is a veritable machine.  Using the same tenacity he showed against Notre Dame, Twon "Mr. Go-inboy" Bailey churns through Facebook statuses (statusi?) like so many Fightin' Irish defenders.  Not to mention the fact that there's a certain nonlinear poetry to many of them.  For example...

Twon is I wish I could have studied abroad well i studied a brawd and she studied me bak n my course was hard.

Twon is being twon as usual.

Twon is "nobody loves live living in the fast lane while in the passenger seat."

Twon came so far from da bottom I couldn't even c da top.

Twon is "some people were born on third base, others have to hit a triple to get there"

Twon is "look in the mirror ask yourself ask yourself who are you, if you don't know who you are how could your dreams come true?"

Twon is on top of my game like im standing on my xbox.

Twon is to live is to suffer, to survive that's defined meaning to the end of suffering.

I'm pretty sure Twon recently received The Big Book of Motivational Quotes as a present.  Regardless, Antwon's Facebook page if officially a daily-must now.  God forbid he ever gets a Twitter feed...