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Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter 12/10


1. Skip Holtz (HC - East Carolina) - Holtz is leaving NY and is scheduled to appear tomorrow in Memphis for the Liberty Bowl presser.  Could be a bad sign, could be nothing.  Just like everything else in this godforsaken coaching search.  Word on the street is also that if it were up to Sweet Lou, Skip would have already accepted but that Skip is concerned about the upcoming schedule and better opportunities.  (1)

2. Al Golden (HC, Temple) - Was seen in NYC along with his defensive coordinator.  Last time I checked Temple isn't playing in the Big Apple Bowl, so... (3)

3. Doug Marrone (OC, New Orleans Saints) (2)

4. Turner Gill (HC - Buffalo) - Word on the street is that Gill might be a little shall I put this...tan...for the Auburn job (Don't kill me, I'm just repeating what multiple Auburn folks have said...)  Still, Charles Barkley doesn't mind. (4)

5. Tim Murphy (HC, Harvard) - If Tom Dienhart says it, it must be true. (5)

6. Kevin Rogers (QB Coach, Minnesota Vikings) (6)

7. Steve Addazio (Asst., Florida)  (7)

8. Paul Alexander (Asst. HC, Cincinnati Bengals) (8)

9. Randy Edsall (HC, UConn)  - For posterity (9)

10. Tommy Tuberville (Unemployed) (10)