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A Very Kenny Christmas

The five greatest things about this week's episode of Kenny's 2 Pennies:

1:36 - The golden tones of"A Very Kenny Christmas. I like the "announcer" trying to keep up with Kenny while he belts out each song. "Or.....Or.......Or......."  What's that zip code?  5555?  That's not real!!!  LIARS!

3:46 - "The Cornell.  The Big Red.  And that's no chewing gum if I ever say it."  Yes you did, Kenny.  And a Carl Sagan namedrop for good measure...

4:37 - "We gently and slowly nudged the deficit down to about 7 to 5 points."  Was it a basketball game or an R&B song?

5:55 - Kenny's moment of regret over bringing the Buffalo Bills into all of this.  It's sad.

6:14 - "What the hell is a Golden Griffin?  Is that a nickname they came up with out of the blue?"  Kenny Haas is no fan of medieval creature lore.

7:23 - "These Tigers are coached by Mr. Calipari (which Calipari?).  John Calipari (Oh that's Calipari)."