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Gregisms, Gregisms, Everywhere I Go

We continue to thin the Gregisms down to a field of 16. So far here are your winners:

  1. "Really, the second half of South Florida was really our first half of bad football probably of the year."
  2. "Time, we're working for it to be on our side."
  3. "This team has a chance to have a lot of leadership; a lot of leadership, all through out of it."
  4. "When I come in here and tell you the things that I tell you, I like to believe I'm telling you straight up just what I believe."
  5. "As I look at the film, I can see we could've done things better."
  6. "They did a good job in their bye week, a couple things, cute little plays that were effective."

Personally, I'm shocked, aghast and appauled that "time will tell" and fightin' the fight" have been eliminated. But I guess they're beyonf being Gregisms and have reached such an elite status, they don't need the validation of winning The Greatest Gregism of All Time.

First match-up of the day...

Date: July 2008

"I think we've got it straightened out...I think we do. Not that I know specifically how they're going to line up, who's going to do what yet ... that's the beauty of it."

Yes...the "beauty" of it.


Date: December 2nd, 2008

"It isn't what I didn't get done. It's that it's not finished."

There's things that don't get done and things that don't get finished and I expect you to know the difference.

Make your vote today cause it ends tonight and tomorrow may never come. Seriously.