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  • Patrick Shadle to open up Curves Fitness Center...The Sport Hump
  • Who are SU football alums throwing their support behind in the coaching search?...D.O. Sports Blog
  • 8 Big East teams in the AP Poll today and that's a new record...Cuse Country
  • Tickets for the Big City Classic, which will take place in the big city of East Rutherford, NJ, are on
  • Updated Big East bowl predictions.  Up yours, Sun Bowl...Brian Bennett
  • Is it possible for Florida to beat Alabama but get left out of the BCS Championship?...Dr. Saturday
  • Who would make the best bowl opponent for Cincinnati?...Brian Bennett
  • The Nittany Lion was arrested over the weekend for a DUI.  Classy...Best Week Ever

The extremely excited and extremely sober Otto the Orange with his cheerleading compadres: