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Thanksgiving Rewind

Welcome back.  I hope your Thanksgiving was fun, festive and full of frivolity.

As for me?  My Thanksgiving dinner was hosted by a lesbian couple where we ate tofurky and dessert was a vegan chocolate cake.  How much more LA could I be?

None.  None more LA.

Just in case you've been living under Plymouth Rock for the last five days, I thought it might be a good idea to recap what you missed:

We're 6-0...Barely

SU had to stave off a furious Virginia comeback in the final minutes in order to beat the team that had just lost to Jerry Falwell's basketball squad.  The Orange were down 11 at halftime again but thanks to some critical shots by Andy Rautins (natch) and Rick Jackson (not so natch), they were able to hold on to victory, improve to 6-0 and prepare to find themselves ranked in the polls for the first time this season later today. 

The Greg Robinson Era Is No More

The GRE ended much like you always knew it would...with Syracuse being dominated by a better program that shouldn't be a better program in a game that was never in doubt.  Aside from a TD drive in garbage time the SU passing game has five yards total for most of the game.  Cincy won 30-10 en route to their outright Big East crown. 

So Who Will Replace Him?

Illinois OC Mike Locksley sat down with the DOC. Lane Kiffin is out of the running but before he was he sat down for an interview with Cuse.  UCLA's DeWayne Walker has the pedigree that Gross might be looking forSome guy on the Bengals keeps coming up, much to my chagrin. The Clemson job is filled in-house, leaving SU and Washington as the highest-profile jobs available at the moment.  Oregon OC, fresh off leading a 62-point performance last weekend, is interviewing for the job on Wednesday.  Or maybe he's not.

Never Look Quentin Hillsman Directly In The Eyes

The SU Women's BB team lost to Division II Alaska-Anchorage in the Great Alaskan Shootout, which is bad enough.  But a suspect officiating call late in the game was all Quetin Hillsman was worried about when he accused, well, someone of cheating.  Anchorage was none too please about.  Q could care less.  The Women rebounded with a win over Longwood...whatever that is.

SU Football Players Enjoy The Jersey Shore

Some photos surfaced on Facebook of SU Football players posing shirtless together while looking tough and heavily-gelled.  One's even pantsless.  Former SU lineman Jameel McClain expressed his concerns via Facebook for all of this "gay ass shit."

Georgetown Sucks

As noted here.  And here.  And especially here.