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So Would It Be Chipisms? How Bout Chippies?

So this Chip Kelly fellow is going to be interviewed on Wednesday.  I'm sure he's getting ready.  Probably down at Kinko's right now picking out the right paper for his resume.  Might I recommend some ivory-colored Southworth Linen resume paper (only get one chance to make a good impression, Chipper). 

In the meantime it might be worth looking into this guy, especially considering it looks like the Clemson job is officially gone and Syracuse is now (arguably) the most attractive position out there.

Kelly is in his 2nd season as Offensive Coordinator for Oregon.  You may know him from his offenses' absolute dismantling of the Oregon State Beavers defense this past weekend.  You might also remember that his offense and the Ducks were a Dennis Dixon injury away from contending for the Pac-10 title last season.  Nevertheless, the Ducks finished sixth in the nation in rushing, 10th in total offense and 12th in scoring offense  The '08 team is currently 9-3 and probably looking at a Holiday Bowl berth. 

Before he came to Oregon, Kelly served as the OC for the University of New Hampsire from '99 to '06.  During his tenure the Wildcats averaged more than 400 yards/game in 7 of his 8 years and and averaged 30+ PPG in his final four season.  That's, um, good.

He's also a New Hampshire grad and worked briefly at Columbia and Johns Hopkins on his way up the coaching ladder.  So he is aware of the Northeastern United States, something our previous coach may or may not have been.  That's good too.

So what kind of a contract is Kelly currently under at Oregon?

Kelly is in the first year of a four-year Oregon contract, which was made public this fall. His base salary under those terms was $150,000, with a minimum guarantee of $335,000 this season based on incentives. The deal could pay him a maximum of $556,250 this season.

Kelly received a signing bonus of $100,000 in January, and has a series of annual retention bonuses in his contract. There is also a penalty for leaving during the life of the deal, which would be $237,500 were Kelly to leave this year.

That's not exactly Rich-Rod penalty numbers so I don't see that being an issue.  What might be an issue however is whether or not Kelly is actually interviewing with the Orange this week at all.  According to his current boss, Mike Belotti, that's new to him as of yesterday:

“I don’t think there are any interviews scheduled,” Bellotti said. “That was as of today.” reported Friday that Kelly was scheduled for an interview with the Orange about their head coaching position Wednesday. Kelly has declined to comment throughout this fall on any speculation about his involvement with other jobs.

“As I’ve said before, I think Chip is in a great situation here, one in which he’s comfortable,” Bellotti said. “I don’t foresee him leaving any time soon. But I understand that obviously there’s legitimate interest. I think the University has stepped up to make his situation difficult to walk away from.

Even if it wasn't with Syracuse, surely Kelly is interviewing SOMEWHERE in the very near future.  He's too hot a prospect not to be.  So this might be some posturing on the part of Belloti, who knows.  I'm sure we'll hear more soon but in the meantime, at least on paper, Kelly has to be considering a very viable candidate for the position.  Hopefully, he takes my advice on the resume paper.  And for God's sake Chip...bring multiple copies.