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  • Jim Boeheim and John Thompson III discuss, amongst other things, the outbreak of "shit disease" on Georgetown's campus earlier this year...HoyaSuxa
  • Jonny Flynn talks about the power of the Carrier Dome, his love of baseball and whether or not he'll leave early after the season...The Dagger
  • A look back at the CBE...which SU won...if you didn't know...Z89 Sports Blog
  • SU BB is #21 in Fox Sports Power Rankings...Fox Sports
  • Jim Boeheim and Charles Barkley share a freindship and horrible fashion sense...The Dagger
  • It's LOLOrange time!...Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos
  • TeBucky Jones gets TeProbation for a TeAssault TeCharge against him...Donnie Webb
  • SU Women's basketball gets back on track by beating something called Longwood, which may or may not be an accredited university...SU Athletics
  • What's up with Pitt and all their fake National Championships?...Dr. Saturday

Western Kentucky upset #3 Louisville tonight and The Hilltoppers' biggest supporter was there: