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  • Big East power rankings put Cincy at #1, guess who's in last...Brian Bennett
  • Someone has done a very good job training their pooch...Mike Waters
  • Congrats to SU Field Hockey for it's thrilling last-second win in the Big East
  • The Italians are coming! The Italians are coming!...Mike Waters
  • SU Lax will play Princeton in Giants Stadium next season...D.O. Sports Blog
  • Texas is starting a network dedicated to UT sports. DOCTOR Gross is salivating...BusinessWeek
  • Bud Poliquin is clearly not a vegetarian...Cuse Country
Where does Otto rank on the all-time guitar player list? After Jimi and Eddie obviously...but before Clapton I think:

Syracuse students aren't getting enough alcohol in their dorm rooms. Otherwise, this wouldn't be happening: