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Trick Or Treat Or Time Will Tell

Before I left I laid down the gauntlet for someone, anyone to dress up like Greggers for H'ween. Had I been in the States at the time I would have done it myself but I'm fairly certain almost everyone here in LA would have asked me "Why are you dressed up as someone's grandfather with bad fashion sense?"

Thankfully, my prayers were answered. Via reader Becky L:
We got one of our friends some white hairspray and a playbook, and Greggers had one hell of a night down in Armory Square. I think he got booed at more than once...

Nice touch on the resume and the binder. Greg is the kind of guy who's always ready with some references.

Is it me or the faux Gregger look a little like one of the T-Birds from Grease 2? And why do I know the secondary cast of Grease 2 so well? Blame my little sister who watched it ad nauseum for a year when I was 14.

I'll be your giiiiirl, for all seasons....