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SU Defeats Indiana or Pennsylvania or Someone Like That

Andy Rautins on the sidelines, a sluggish second half and an inferior opponent hanging with the Orange. Please oh please don't tell me that Sunday's 73-63 win over IUPUIPIUIPI was a harbinger of things to come.

Much like their football counterparts, things started off so well for the Orange.
In those 20 minutes, Syracuse made 19 out of 32 shots from the field (59.4 percent), limited the Crimson Hawks to just 9-for-30 shooting (30.0 percent) and forced 14 turnovers. The scoreboard reflected the Orange's sharp performance as Syracuse went into the break with a 46-25 lead.
However the second half was all Crimson Hawks:
The Syracuse players returned for the second half, but their intensity and focus remained in the locker room. The Orange turned lackadaisical at both ends of the floor, allowing the Crimson Hawks to "win" the second half 38-27. Indiana made 45 percent of its field goal attempts in the second half, while Syracuse's shooting percentage dipped to 37.9 percent. The Syracuse players rushed or forced shots, finishing with just five assists in the second half compared to 10 turnovers.
Granted, even Jim Boeheim referred to this and the previous exhibition game as "practices" for the Orange. He inserted Rick Jackson into the starting lineup ahead of Kristof! to see how the sophomore would handle things. The move did allow Kristof! to come off the bench and act like a spark plug for the SU least until he fouled out.

Boehiem remained curmudgeonly optimistic after the game that the Orange are just getting their feet under them. They'll have to move quickly though as the regular season begins on Sunday against crosstown "rival" Le Moyne. We'd rather not have a close game in that kinda looks bad.

One area the Orange probably want to improve quickly?
Free-throw shooting. The Orange were 8-of-18 in the game and 18-of-44 overall in both games for a 40% percentage. Not good.

As for Rautins, he was indeed not dressed for the game,
nursing an ankle injury. The injury was described as "not serious"but that doesn't do much to make us feel better.

One video up from the game...this dunk from freshman Kris Joseph. Does he wave afterwards? Or give someone the finger? Point to a handicapped child as if to say "that was for you, slugger?"