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My Final Words

I would like to thank Sean for letting me fill in. Unfortunately I didn't find the time to post two or three times a day like I had intended to. College life gets pretty busy at times and all my classes decided to shit on me at once.

But I learned a few things, enjoyed a few things, and hope to comeback in some capacity some day. What I learned is Sean loves to annoy the fuck out of himself and anyone who posts on this blog by making you type in a stupid code to verify you're human before you can post. What sucks about this damn code is it's impossible to read and you find yourself spending as much time getting this code right as writing the freaking post.

I would like to thank Ray Biggs for helping me out by sending me some content as well as the few of you who sent me links to post or write stories about. The honor of posting Kenny's 2 Pennies will always stay near and dear to my heart.

It's time for me to head back to Bleacher Report and continue writing about all things college basketball so Clemson fans can tell me I'm a disgrace to journalism (no really follow the link it's quite amusing).

But before I go, I promised one story from my time on the hill so here it goes:

It was my second weekend on campus my freshman year. I lived in Brockway and for most of you who went to school at Syracuse earlier than about 2005, don't know it's now resident's hall with a Burger King and gym below and dining hall above it. There were 27 of us and we were pretty isolated from everyone.

So we became great friends quickly and decided a night at the Traffic Night club downtown would be a great idea. See they were having what they like to call a Stoplight party. The premise of Stoplight party is pretty simple. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and don't want to dance/hookup with anyone you wear red. If you sort of are looking for someone wear yellow. And if you're ready to do anything with anyone of the opposite sex wear as much green as possible.

Well of course everyone on my floor, except for a few people still in high school relationship, decides to wear green including myself because we are all college freshman and don't know any better.

There's about 20 of us going to this club, so we take several taxi vans downtown to the club which is in the same vicinity as Dinosaur Barbeque and the Warehouse which at the time was the architecture school (you'll see how that comes into play later).

So we are in these taxi cabs and our driver saw us in our green and knew we were going to Traffic so he starts giving us advice about how to get a girl and what to say to the people at the door so we get in without trouble.

After this lecture we finally arrive at Traffic to find a line completely around the building. The 20 of us get in line and start waiting. The next group of people who show up are none other than the majority of the basketball team.

This was September 2006, so guys like Terrence Roberts, Paul Harris, and Darryl Watkins were still on the team. I remember several other players being there, but not which ones. Of course I didn't know yet who Paul Harris really was or what he looked like so I didn't recognize him at first.

My best friend at the time immediately recognized the players and went up to them and introduced him and me to Harris. Paul just looked at us like who the hell are these guys and what the fuck do they want with me. My friend was very enthusiastic and decided to let the entire team cut in line ahead of us after decided Paul was a chill guy.

The players were very gracious and introduced themselves to the rest of my massive crew.

After about a half hour we are finally inside the club and things were going just as you would expect they would in a club for about an hour. Eventually my friend decides he's going to convince one of the girls in our group to go dance with the basketball players because he's got her thinking that if she would hook up with one of them that night that it would be the greatest thing in the world.

At this point the players weren't too interested in us and ignored us the rest of the night. With what happened next, it was hard for anyone in the club to ignore us.

It's about 2:o0 in the morning at this point and we called the taxi service to pick us up, but none were available. So we are freaking out at this point about how we are going to get home because we are all freshmen and have been at school for all of two weeks.

As we are deciding what to do, the girl standing next to me faints as we are walking to the exit. For the few of you who know what I look like, you know I'm not a big guy in the least bit, and this girl definitely out weighed me. I caught her as she fell and had to kind of drag her to a seat so we could attend to her.

We decide immediately she needs to get some air, but none of us attending to her could carry her up the flight of stairs to bring her outside. So we ask for help from the bouncer.

The bouncer said, "I'm not hauling no drunk ass girl up these steps. You can figure the fuck out how to get her up there."

I responded not so kindly, "She hasn't been drinking, take her up now."

So he fireman carries her up the stairs and basically throws her down on a bench. We got her water and eventually she came to. Three of the kids in our group took her to the hospital where they spend the night.

But that left about 15 of us downtown with no ride back at about 2:30 in the morning. We call our architecture friend because one of us realized we were close to the Warehouse and could catch that bus back.

He answers his phone drunk and starts leading us through downtown Syracuse. Eventually he realizes where we are and tells us where to go and when the last bus is. Unfortunately we were two blocks away and the last bus was going to leave in about five minutes.

So we starting sprinting. And if you've been on Washington St. downtown, you know there are large grates in the sidewalk that if you get your heel stuck in you're fucked. So the girls in our group are running and hurdling these giant grates in the sidewalk to avoid getting their heels stuck. In retrospect, we could have taken two steps to our left and ran in the street.

We finally got the bus to head home about six hours, one obnoxious cab driver, several basketball players, a pretty lame club, a passed out friend, idiotic bouncer, and one late night run through downtown Syracuse after it all started.

Ironically at the football game the following day, I discovered our bouncer is also a security guard in the student section. I recognized him and he recognized me and to my surprise politely asked about our friend. I told him she was fine and that was the end of that.