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Just Flew In From England And Boy Is Greg Robinson's Schtick Tired

I leave the country, everything's status quo. I come back two weeks later and...Syracuse football is winning football games, Allen Iverson is a Piston, Ryan Leaf is in the news and the President is black.

Well I guess all of those things are good things (except for Ryan Leaf) so you did good work while I was gone.

First up, a HUGE thanks to Jameson for keeping things moving while I was away. He is a beacon of light that all Syracuse-related news flows through. Like Buddha. Big ups (are the kids still saying that?) to Ray Biggs as well for helping out. Your efforts will be recorded in the Hall of Records and you will surely take your rightful seat at the table of our Elders in the Afterworld.

So I'll try to get a little caught up today but chances are I'll be rolling out some stuff over the weekend and I'm juuuuust a little swamped at work today. Most importantly, win free bread. It's been too long since you've tasted toasted wheat without handing over financial notes in return...seize the day.

Apparently we play tomorrow so I'll try to get something going on that. In the meantime sit tight and pray that I wash all of this cricket knowledge from my system quickly. It's taking up valuable space.

Oh, also, we're gonna move quick now on this whole SportsNation transition. Expect it to go down next week, so again, lose this blogspot URL and learn the one. You'll thank me...later?