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Hey Everybody, We're All Gonna Get Laid! (Well, Almost)

Parity usually equals mediocrity. College football is already the sport that rewards mediocrity more than any other. So if you're looking for a silver lining for the Big East right now, it's that even though no one is going to be mistaken for a Top Ten team, just about everybody is going to the post-season. Well, except you-know-who...

Look at the standings right now:

Pittsburgh (7-2)
Cincinnati (7-2)
West Virginia (6-3)
South Florida (6-3)
UConn (6-3)
Louisville (5-4)
Rutgers (4-5)
Syracuse (2-7)

Five teams have already qualified for bowl eligibility. Louisville needs to take one from Cincy, West Virginia or Rutgers (which sounds harder than it really is) and they're in. Rutgers needs to take two of three from USF, Army and Louisville (very do-able) and they're in. That would make seven.

As a frame of reference, 2007 saw five Big East teams go bowling, same as 2006 which was the Big East's best season in years.

Granted, I think we'd all much rather have at least one team in the national championship discussion than trying to figure out which one is going to get that elusive Bowl berth. But if you were looking for a silver lining in this season for the conference, there it is.

Uneducated guesses as to where each team will end up? Why yes I think I will...

Orange Bowl: Cincy (10-3, 5-2)
Gator Bowl: West Virginia (8-4, 5-2)
Sun Bowl: Pittsburgh (9-3, 5-2) Bowl: UConn (8-4, 4-3)
Meineke Car Care Bowl: Rutgers (7-5, 5-2)
St. Petersburg Bowl: South Florida (7-5, 2-5)
No Bowl: Louisville (5-7, 1-6), Syracuse (2-10, 1-6)
*Rutgers will decline the International Bowl for the Meineke Car Care Bowl, to mix things up, and the Big East will take a year off from trekking North.
**Four-way tie for the conference. Cincy gets the tie-breaker.