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Gregisms 11/9

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

From Greg's post-game press conference after losing to Rutgers 35-17:
I really think it was a game of not taking advantage of opportunities and letting the thing kind of get away from us.
We should probably stop doing both of those things.
I give them credit. They did a good job in their bye week, a couple things, cute little plays that were effective.
"Cute, little plays?" Not passive-aggressive at all, Greg. Oh, and that's the first "I give them credit" of the afternoon. Take note.
And I think we have to throw the football better than what we did today.
Ya think?

On whether or not Cam Dantley should have been benched sooner:
"I don’t know, I don’t know that. There was a discussion of that at halftime about it. As I listened from different people and I bought into giving him (Cam Dantley) a chance to go back out there and go."
Two "I don't knows" and an admission that Greg doesn't actually make any decisions on the sidelines, he just finds out what everyone else wants to do and does that. I'm really gonna miss these Gregism posts, you guys.
For a while there, that hurt us and I give them credit for that.
"I give them credit" #2. On whether or not he's discussed his job status with DOCTOR Gross:
"You know what, we are going to quit talking about all this. I am not going to talk anymore about that stuff. Get off of it."
I'm pretty sure they say the healthiest way to deal with a problem is to ignore it and push it way, way down so that it festers and grows below the surface while you pretend that it's not happening. Pretty sure that's what they say to do...
I felt like we should have been playing better than what we did.
Really, it's these gems I'll miss most.

On whether or not this is a "discouraging" loss:
"I chose my words, discouraging is not a word I feel about (the game)."
Greg, you do many things. Choosing words carefully is not one of them. I feel like you should be aware of this.
"I give them credit. They put together a drive of not one real explosive play."
"I give them credit" #3 AND one of the most awkwardly-phrased, back-handed compliments I've ever heard. Greg's on his A-game today folks.

Bonus...some words from
Greg's Sunday press conference:
"I give Rutgers a lot of credit. They did a nice job. I wish the outcome had been better than it was."
That's "I give them credit" #4 and a "nice job" for Rutgers. Between his insistence that he must give them credit, his back-handed compliments and referring to Rutgers' dismantling of the Orange as a "nice job," it's clear that Greg really doesn't like them, does he?