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Gregisms 11/5

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

On whether or not the team might have a letdown after the Louisville win like last year:
When I come in here and tell you the things that I tell you, I like to believe I'm telling you straight up just what I believe.
And when we listen, we like to think that we're listening to what you are telling us and we like to believe that you are telling us what you believe...I believe.

Discussing the challenge that Rutgers' passing game presents for the Orange:
"Their receiving corps is very good. Kenny Britt is an elite wide receiver in America."
In Bolivia, he's shit.

And while we're at, the election came and went. Safety Bruce Williams was excited:
We're excited to see what happens with this new president thing. Whatever happens, happens.
Swap out the word president and put in football and I think that's pretty much SU's motto this year.