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Greg Robinson Owns Louisville

If that's not the saddest statement you can possibly make about another football program, I don't know what is.

Steve Kragthorpe < Greg Robinson. Think about that, Cardinals fans.

While I was busy watching the Stanford Superstars crush the English cricket team in last night's
Twenty20 $20 Million Dollar Challenge, the Syracuse Orange were busy defeating the favored Louisville Cardinals for the 2nd straight year. Watching the cricket match I found myself confused, asking a lot of questions and strangely mesmerized. I can't help but think had I watched the SU game my experience would have been exactly the same.

I've got the game TIVO'd at home so I'll check it out when I get back but I'm sure Jameson & Ray will get you up to speed tomorrow. In the meantime
Axe is on the case and Orange44 cues the happy puppies for once! And congrats to who get to put the score of the game in the headline for the first time in a longtime.

So Greg Robinson not only ensures that he will remain employed this week but probably also through the entire season. But I want to leave you with one rather chilling thought...

WHAT IF...Syracuse wins two of its remaining four games? Very possible considering you never know which UConn, Rutgers or Notre Dame team will show up any given week. That means that while the Orange finished the season 4-8, they did so on a 3-2 run to end the season.

WHAT IF...the players rally around Robinson (as it seems like they will do) and publicly support their coach's return, even intimating that if Robinson goes some of them might finish their collegiate careers elsewhere?

I said at he beginning of the season that 4-8 was going to be enough for Robinson to keep his job. The schedule, which looked tough before the season, has become even more brutal as we learned just how good Northwestern and Penn State are. If they do win two more games, they will have three Big East wins, the most in any season in the GRE (Greg Robinson Era) and they will have matched the highest win total.

I dare not say anymore.

Seriously, being a Syracuse football fan who wants Robinson gone (read: all of them) has become like playing Fantasy Football only every week all of your players are going against your favorite real team. You really, really want your real team to win...but you kinda want your fantasy guys to score five touchdowns too...

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)