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Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End, Neo

The end is nigh. Nigh-er-er than you think.

At some time tomorrow we're going to make the switch over to SportsBlog Nation's server. What does this mean for you? It means that eventually when you enter into your web browser, it will take you to the new site and no longer to this one. When you enter, you will be taken to a stale, non-updated page that will forevermore collect dust, like so much Syracuse football-related dreams, hopes and desires.

So make sure those bookmarks are updated. If you own a site that's on my blogroll, don't worry, I'll be taking you with me. If you're not and want to be, let me know. And while we won't have it right away, we're working on bringing all the old content over as well.

Don't worry, this has all been prophesied. You can fight it all you want but all you'll get is a knuckle sandwich courtesy of Keanu Reeves. It is inevitable, Mr. Robinson.