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Putting The Hurt On SU

If you watched the ESPNU telecast of the SU-UConn football game a couple weeks back, you might remember how painful it was.  The leading painmaker was Harry Hurt III who is in fact not a bad guy in a Punisher comic but a writer for the NY Times.  Hurt was acting as the sideline reporter so that he could then write about his experiences as said reporter in the Times.  In the game thread, I wrote the following:

...they've brought in some old guy from the NY Times to be the sideline reporter.  That should be informative and interesting.  And by informative and interesting I mean a complete [waste] of everyone's time.

Well his article is out now and it's just what you'd expect.  There's one notable piece though I thought you should be aware of.  Especially if you're feeling particularly wistful about Greg Robinson at the moment:

In the production meeting at our hotel on Saturday morning, Steve candidly noted that the once-venerable 119-year-old Syracuse football program had lately fallen on hard times as evidenced by the team’s record of two wins and seven losses. By contrast, Connecticut’s football team, which gained NCAA Division I status only eight years ago, had produced a 6-3 record and was still in contention to win the conference championship.

Bottom line: There was a good chance that Connecticut could turn the game into a blowout, which meant that there would be added pressure on the announcers and me to keep the broadcast entertaining.

Just keep saying it...The Greg Robinson Era is over, the Greg Robinson Era is over...